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Stress Management

In today’s economy, stress in the workplace is inevitable.  To enable optimal performance, it is imperative that companies do all they can to minimize the effects of stress in their organization.

Stress has certain neurophysiological markers (i.e - there are ‘body patterns’ of muscular tension, breathing and structural alignment associated with it).  These inefficient, chronic patterns are responsible in large part for contributing to a complex cycle of dysfunction that costs your company money.

Through our scientifically based training, employees learn to better recognize these patterns, enabling them to proactively minimize the effects of stress greatly. 

With our stress management training, employees will:

  • miss less work
  • increase their personal productivity
  • be more resilient (decreases in incidence & overall costs associated with repetitive stress injuries)
  • build a stronger, more functional brain

Under stress, you regress.  How are you helping your employees stay ahead of the curve?