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Sales Teams

Many of the traits that common to great business leaders are also common to successful sales professionals. Confidence and believability are essential traits of a sales leader as is the ability to control nervousness and anxiety.

The most vital trait a sales professional must develop is awareness to “buying signals”, most of which will be non-verbal. Some researchers put the level of non-verbal communication as high as 80% of all communication. More reasonably, it could be around 50 – 65%. Even verbal signals can be missed if the sales person isn’t sensitive to hearing the message behind the spoken words. Anything that dulls your sensitivity will slow down your response to any stimuli. Many factors lead to employee desensitization – with stress being the greatest.

There are literally hundreds of verbal and non-verbal “buying signals” transmitted during the sales process. But what happens if your sales person isn’t picking up on them? Lack of awareness to these “buying signals” is often what kills the sale. This inattentiveness is normally seen in an inability to assess and capitalize on non-verbal signals from customers and prospects. It is also demonstrated in the sales person’s lack of awareness and control over the non-verbal signals they themselves project. This truly limits your sales teams’ performance and potential.

Awareness is a skill that can be systematically developed – in all of your employees.  Without training, people rarely capitalize on their ability to take in and act on non-verbal information. Through the application of recent discoveries in neuroscience, we work with your sales teams in an experiential fashion in order to help them develop this before now untapped ability. This same movement based training also addresses the physical manifestations of stress, creating the ability to stay “tapped into” those all important “buying signals.”

Research by Joseph LeDoux, a neuroscientist at New York University, as well as our experiences with clients, indicate that there is an organic element to emotional decisions that can be understood and addressed during the sales process. ETM offers learning modules that increase your ability to understand and impact the physical and emotional connections that determine how your customers respond and make the decisions they do.