ETM Consultants: Moving You Towards World-Class Performance

About Our Clients

Our clients understand that the most vital component of their business is their employees. They look to us to reengineer and refine their workforce, to integrate the components of optimal performance into all tasks, at all levels. Some common reasons clients engage ETM:

  • They want to increase quality and productivity and reduce injuries and waste.
  • They have employees experiencing symptoms that are interfering with their effectiveness and abilities or already facing disability.
  • They realize that the demands of their workplace, such as repetitive actions, reduced range of motion, heavy lifting, long periods of standing, or high stress levels put their employees at a high risk for injury and dysfunction.
  • They are looking to invest in their leadership teams or sales teams by developing their awareness of self and how they project to others.

Our clients come to ETM because they realize that they can’t solve 21st century problems with 20th century thinking.  Developing and refining the human brain needs to be central to all learning objectives and strategies.  This is where all action originates. 

By addressing employee training and learning with the intention of creating a more connected, effective brain, our client’s results ALWAYS outpace their expectations.