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Requirements of standing, lifting, repetitive tasks, combined with long hours and high stress levels, put healthcare workers in one of the highest risk categories for injury and reduced efficiency.  In fact, hospitals report the highest number of nonfatal work injuries of any private sector industry.*

 Laboratories and private medical practices, much like office settings, require employees to engage in repetitive tasks throughout the day in order for them to perform their jobs and many common tasks also require intense focus on very minute areas such as microscopes or small computer screens.

 ETM is especially proud of the solutions we offer to healthcare workers because they are directly responsible for the health of so many. Programs such as motion training, task evaluation and individual coaching can create a healthcare workforce that functions more sustainably at a higher level both physically and mentally. Making it possible for these workers to be able to perform their tasks with more efficiency and precision and with fewer injuries means better health care for all of us.

 *The injury incidence rate in healthcare – the number of injuries per 100 full time workers – was above the private sector average of 6.9 in all industries.  For example, in hospitals, the incidence rate was 11.0 cases per 100 full time workers, and in nursing and personal care facilities, the rate was 16.5 per 100.  (US Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics)