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Experiential Learning

The overwhelming majority of us have learned habits and patterns of action that we are largely unaware of that have a direct negative impact on our productivity. These habits and patterns were established through doing, and doing repeatedly. To retrain ourselves requires that we be allowed to do.  But through experiential learning we can create more effective habits and patterns resulting in more positive outcomes.

Engaged participation in any learning process results in more developed and refined abilities to perform tasks, thus impacting productivity.  Experiential learning allows the participant to customize their experience to their ideal learning method, improving both the learning experience and the outcome.  

There is a broadly accepted concept termed equifinality in human psychology.  It describes that there are as many paths to achieving a desired outcome as there are people willing to try.  No single path is appropriate for all individuals because the conditions required to reach the desired outcome are different for every individual. Just as we’ve always said, “people don’t come in universal” - mentally or physically.

All aspects of our experiential learning modules are designed to provide participants the opportunities to learn more efficient ways of moving and working by doing and being encouraged to create a learning experience that is customized to their needs and their learning style.