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About Us

Ergonomics is the scientific discipline dedicated to creating the most optimal interface between human needs, abilities and limitations and the environments we work in.

If you have a workforce of human beings you have potential inefficiencies and dysfunctions created by inherent flaws in the human-to-environment interface.

  • a keyboard at the wrong height
  • a monitor at the wrong angle
  • an assembly table that is too deep

The application of ergonomically designed equipment has led to great increased in workplace productivity.  However, until now, the emphasis has been on the equipment more than the operator

Simply putting universal ergonomic equipment in place is seldom the answer because people don’t come in “universal”.

Understanding and managing that intersection between humans and tools or humans and tasks is vital to optimizing human well-being and overall system performance.

Any situation that creates ‘friction’ between the human and the task at hand can cause discomfort or injury, reduce production and efficiency, and ultimately lead to lost work time and higher employee turnover.

ETM stands for Evolution Through Movement and we take pride in our individual approach to improving the human-to-environment interface. Our clients engage us to not only eliminate costly repetitive stress injuries from the workplace through effective ergonomic interventions, but also to facilitate employee learning that allows them to maximize the return on investment of their human element.

When you are ready to experience the cumulative return on investment of creating a workforce that functions at the highest level of efficiency and quality, let ETM customize a solution for you.